Who or what is Hobcartons?

Hobcartons takes its name from the Victorian era entrepreneur Robert Carton. The young Bobby learned to sail at an early age. As an adult his adventurous spirit led him to all corners of the globe, sailing the trade winds and bringing back exotic produce to sell to the gentry. He become known for his teas in particular. In 1859, returning home through the Irish Sea, his boat was almost wrecked in the infamous Royal Charter Storm. While trying to secure his load below deck a tea chest fell on him and broke his knee. Miraculously the ship made it back to port, however the damage to his knee left him with a marked hobble. His trade-mark gait and black cane only added to the personal legend of this distinctive character. To his friends Bobby became Hobby, later shortened to Hob. The wider public came to call him Mr Hob-Carton which he loved and adopted for himself, and as they say, the rest is history.

Meet the Team


This is the only known photo of the infamous Mr. Hobcarton

His vision of sourcing the very best produce and only serving food and drink to delight continues through to today.



Gemma leads the front of house team at Hobcartons. Her favourite drink is tea, of course. And cake, well there is too many to choose from!



Working along side Gemma ensuring front of house runs smoothly. Always delivers service with a smile! Her favourite drink is a cappuccino that is hotter that the sun served with a lovely fruit scone!


In the kitchen you will find Gail who puts together our menu with the passion and care it deserves. She makes and bakes all of our cakes. She will drink anything that is wet and warm and loves a tea bread!